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Deductive-logical methodology
Real life examples based on comprehensive knowledge and first-hand experience
Complex training programs structured into different levels and modules
Technological edge
Computer simulations, developed using most advanced technologies
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IOC simulation
Computer simulation of an oil company. Learn finance and management.
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Talks Planet simulation
Computer simulation of production & trade companies. Learn finance and negotiations.
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Trainings and seminars
Learn finance, management, negotiations. Comprehensive modular programs. Based on practical examples.

About TIM Group

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professional trainers
we develop computer simulations and use them in seminars
TIM Group is a non-profit assosiation of training partners founded in 2002 to develop computer simulation and hold seminars. Currently TIM Group consists of more than 20 professional trainers specializing on various forms of additional education. All trainers have real-life experience in relevant areas. TIM Group is a leading developer of computer business simulations in Russia.
TIM Group offers more than separate computer business simulations and trainings in finance, management and negotiations. We offer comprehensive educational system
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Seminars are based on real-life context, analysis and solving examples from business and operations in various areas.
Our main goal is the feasibility of acquired skills.
Our dedicated specialty is staff assessment and developing recommendations for personal advancement.
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Many TIM Group seminars are based on computer simulations. Algorithms, architecture and software platform are developed, patented and time-proven. Continuous improvements and codebase and design never stop. For more info please download the presentation.

TIM group turned 10 years in 2016. That is a lot for a small business in Russia. Statistically less then 5 percent of small businesses in Russia get there. We have a lot: several computer simulation games, our own patented educational programs and methodologies, solid reputation, long-time partnerships with many leading Russian corporations.

Currently TIM Group offers seminars on the following topics: