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Since year 2005
developing seminars and business games based on computer simulation
The TIM group is a non-profit association of partner trainers, established in 2002 with the aim of developing and conducting simulation computer games and financial seminars. Now the group unites more than 20 high-ranking coaches specializing in various forms of additional vocational education and training of personnel who have practical experience of financial work in various industries and is the exclusive developer of training simulation games in the Russian market.
The TIM Group offers more than individual seminars and computer games for finance, negotiation and management. We offer a training system.
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Seminars are built on the basis of practical examples, analysis and solution of problems for the manufacturing and economic activities of enterprises of various industries.
The main task of conducting trainings is to develop practical applicability of the acquired skills.
A separate area of the company's work is staff assessment and recommendations for the development of employees.
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Many seminars of the TIM Group are built on the basis of computer simulation. Developed, patented and tested for many years, our own algorithms, architecture and the software platform are at the core of success of our products.
In May 2023, the TIM Group officially celebrated its 17th anniversary. For a small business in Russia it is a milestone. According to Roskomstat, no more than 3% of small enterprises in the Russian Federation achieve a 15-year mark of their official existence. In fact at the moment, there are not so many small training companies that officially patented courses, methodologies, practical assignments or theories (including those protected by the Russian Academy of Sciences), let alone computer programs developed by Russian developers and those recommended for training in the oil and gas sector of the Russian Federation. In cooperation with other companies we have been officially working since 2000. The VINK website presents the statistics on the participants and the results of the games since 2006.