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TIM Group offers more than separate seminars and computer business simulations on finances, negotiations and management. We offer the system. According to client's directions educational modules can be joined into complex programs. Optimal format is the linkage of theoretical blocks and computer business simulations.

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Finance for non-economists
Finance for non-economists

Helps to create an understanding of the world of finance and economics, to understand the terminology and financial statements, to form an understanding of enterprise performance indicators.

  • Get a basic understanding of the financial goals and objectives of the oil business and production process;

  • To form an understanding of the main forms of financial reporting for decision making;

  • Explain the importance, necessity of compiling and using these financial statements in your work;

  • To provide an understanding of the key financial and economic performance indicators of the enterprise;

  • Ensure an understanding of basic financial and business terms.

Specialised seminars:
  • Finance for Manufacturing Directors;

  • Financial management as a competency of the modern leader;

  • Finance for production managers and mentors;

  • Finance for Finance Managers;

  • Finance for HR Managers;

  • Finance for young specialists;

  • Basics of oil and gas economics;

  • Construction Industry Finance Fundamentals;

  • Fundamentals of Finance for Network Companies.

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Economic Decision Making and Economic Analysis
Financial Training
Analysis of financial reports and programs to build understanding of manufacturing enterprise performance management.
  • Understanding the financial and economic goals and objectives of the production project in accordance with the objectives (financial terminology);
  • Influence of investments on the financial results of the enterprise;
  • Project payback and investment efficiency evaluation methods;
  • Financial cash turnover ratios, cash flow estimates (NPV, DPP, EBITDA for 2-3 year projects);
  • Economics of scale from the possible implementation of the project in the company and other societies.
Specialised seminars:
  • Business planning and budgeting in the structural unit of the manufacturing industry;
  • Business planning and investment analysis;
  • Pricing and estimate rationing;
  • Investment planning and budgeting.
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Preparing Young Professionals for Science and Technology Conferences
Own program
Comprehensive training for young professionals and non-financial managers to defend internal company projects and defend the budget.
  • Preparing young professionals for science and technology conferences;
  • Get a basic understanding of the financial goals and objectives of the MC project for an oil enterprise;
  • To provide an understanding of the main financial and economic indicators of the project's effectiveness; to provide an understanding of the main financial terms and concepts of calculation in accordance with the objectives of the enterprise;
  • Practice project preparation and public speaking skills;
  • Hear the work of young professionals (personal work with each participant);
  • Give feedback and review of work with recommendations for presentation and performance.
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Computer business game
Computer model of the economic environment in which vertically integrated oil and gas companies operate, whose members act as leaders of one of these companies. Under the same starting conditions of work, it is necessary to become the market leader, taking into account the actions of competitor teams, having received a certain market volume and achieving the best indicators .
  • Create and implement a business plan for the development of the company, taking into account the actions of competitors in order to conquer and retain a certain volume of the oil and petroleum products market;
  • Get control and keep your own company from being taken over;
  • Achieve capitalization growth of a simulated oil company.
  • Achieve good teamwork between participants and teams;
  • Evaluation of the talent potential of participants.
Specialised seminars:
  • VIOC business game for directors;
  • Business game of VIOCs with an assessment of the potential talent pool and the issuance of recommendations for the development of competencies;
  • Enterprise Open Day;
  • Enterprise Day at a specialized university;
  • Business game VINK for RN classes, students of specialized universities and colleges;
  • Meeting of Oil Company Specialists.
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Effective Negotiations
Computer business game
A simulation author's computer game for employees whose activities are related to participation in the negotiation process, which allows you to show participants effective techniques for conducting effective negotiations, and test your own skills on a practical situation model.
  • Increase the efficiency of preparation for negotiations;
  • Mastering Effective Negotiation Techniques;
  • Mastering Attunement Skills;
  • Learn to control and manage the negotiation process;
  • Practical application of skills in the process of computer simulation.
Specialised seminars:
  • Working with information;
  • Persuading and handling objections;
  • Prepare to Negotiate;
  • Complex negotiations. Advanced.
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Change Management
Computer business game
Computer model of a manufacturing holding enterprise environment in which participants are required to implement a change project related to process management and expansion of production capacity after your predecessor, who failed.
  • Develop project teamwork skills under time constraints and competition;
  • Understanding the types and structure of relationships between people and various events in the company;
  • Developing decision-making skills in accordance with a strategy that improves the efficiency of management and production processes in the organization;
  • Consolidating knowledge about what changes are in a company and what are the ways and approaches to their successful implementation; understanding and controlling risks;
  • Skill for streamlining processes and relationships with limited resources.