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VINK Business Game
The business game VINK from TIM Group is a product with a long history, used by most Russian oil and gas companies when training personnel at all levels. It is a computer simulation model of several oil companies operating in the single market of oil and oil products.
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Managing an Oil and Gas Company
Own full service vertically integrated oil and gas company: upstream, downstream, retail.
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Strategic Planning
The ability to manage a company for several years, form a development strategy, acquire assets, influence market conditions.
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Flexible Changing Scenario
No predefined algorithm. The game situation changes as a result of the actions of the players. Hard time conditions.
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Modern Technology
The computer model has been developed using modern technologies, allowing the seminar to be conducted both in person and via the Internet.

Goals and objectives of seminars with the VINK Business Game

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To form an understanding of the roles and place of various business units in the structure of an oil company, their relationship in the decision chain;
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To form an idea of the structure, formation procedure and methods of analysis of the financial statements of an oil company;
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Get an understanding of the world practice of using simulation models for scenario analysis of business development;
Develop your workforce as a strategic resource for your company's competitive advantage;
Assess the competencies of process participants in a real work stressful environment.
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The business game of VINK allows a person's personal characteristics to be clearly manifested and can be used to assess personnel according to the author's methodology specially developed for this seminar. Personnel assessment from the TIM Group involves a comprehensive analysis of the participants' competencies and the development of an individual development program.

The VINK business game is part of the modular training system offered by the TIM Group. The business game can be conducted as a separate workshop to develop management skills and financial literacy. Or, VINK can be conducted in conjunction with theoretical training modules of different levels dedicated to finance and negotiation, as well as in conjunction with other Business games from the TIM Group.

History of VINK

For the first time in corporate training practice, a computer game simulating the Russian oil industry appeared in 2001. Paper plans for the development of companies were processed manually and allowed, as a first approximation, to draw up a company development plan for 5 years.
The Competitive Development Computer Model was presented at the Extended Board of an oil company.
Work on a fundamentally new model with a multiple development and application algorithm was continued by the order of the Corporate Learning Center by the authors of the project. After the development of the Market and Remote versions of the work, implementation and training were stopped.
Vink's business game Management and Development of VINK has received a new birth, a forum of young specialists of oil companies, participants of seminars and trainings has been launched. The model has been patented and began its second market life, having received recognition in corporate training programs of various oil companies.
The version of the market model has been updated with various scenarios and additional tasks. The analytical and statistical database has been replaced. A version of the game has been developed for gas companies.
The model gets its third life. The VINK 2010 model has been patented again. The new calculation base (taking into account the changed legislation of the Russian Federation) tasks, flexible work algorithms, statistics, results calculations and the model interface make the VINK Business Game an absolute leader among educational programs for oil business.
New modern UI design.
A new game scenario based on up-to-date prices, rates and markets.
VINK game has been migrated to the new advanced technology platform Meteor. Real-time market and company model calculation. New management tools, new game scenario.
Flat-style design update, new actual game scenario, new functionality, advanced tools for analyzing results. In May 2016, the TIM Group officially turned 10 years old. For small businesses in Russia, this is a period. According to Roskomstat, no more than 5% small enterprises in the Russian Federation are experiencing a 10-year period of official existence.In fact, at the moment, not many small training enterprises and companies have officially patented courses, methodologies, practical tasks and theories (including those protected by the Russian Academy of Sciences) , as well as computer programs developed by Russian developers and recommended for training in the oil and gas sector of the Russian Federation. We have been officially working in contract with other customer companies since 2000. The VIOC website provides statistics on participants and results of games since 2006.
Added the ability to buy shares of other companies, added chat, added hints in the interface, new auction results screen, the interface is more informative and faster.
The first VINK was held remotely. The teacher worked with students using the Zoom platform, cloud technologies were used for the server.
Updated scenarios and a set of constants in accordance with the realities of the Russian Federation and the world situation. updated company website. The Change Management game is officially patented and launched as an add-on to VINC.