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Manage simulated oil company: extraction, refining, sales
Market modeling: competitive multiplayer
Upgrade your managing and financial skills
Seminar can be used for staff assessment
Hard version for top managers with company merger mechanics

IOC simulation

IOC simulation by TIM Group is our main product with a long history. It is used by many Russian oil companies for teaching its staff on all levels. IOC is a computer simulation multiplayer strategy game where players manage several integrated oil companies and compete for market shares.

years on market
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Control your own oil company
You lead your very own integrated oil company: extraction, refining, transport, sales.
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Strategic planning
Improve your company during several simulated years. Employ different strategies, buy and build new assets, influence markets.
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Agile game scenario
No predetermined game scenario. Game is multiplayer: together with your competitors you form your own simulated business reality.
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Technological edge
We use most advanced computer technologies to bring you this unique seminar. You can play online or locally.

IOC seminars tasks and goals

Understand roles and places of various business units in oil company structure, their interconnections and decision sequences
Get an insight into structure, preparation and analysis of financial reports in oil companies
Get an overview of best world practices of using computer simulations for business analyses
Improve your staff as a strategic resource who can produce important advantages for your company
Evaluate competence of participants under pressure of realistic stressful business environment

IOC simulation helps players show their personal skills and can be used for staff assessment using our special proprietary methodology. Staff assessment by TIM Group incorporates comprehensive analysis of competence and skills, producing extensive report and individual recommendations.

IOC simulation is only a part of TIM Group modular learning system. Simulation can be presented as a separate seminar for teaching management and finances. Or IOC can be linked to other theoretical learning modules teaching in-depth finances and negotiations. Other computer business simulations can also be used.

Macbook with IOC game
We urge you to play and learn. For you it is not only an opportunity to test yourself as CEO of an oil company, expand and restructure your knowledge about oil industry, but also it is an important step up the career ladder.
There are so many seminars, training and programs, but IOC simulation you will remember most.
Yours respectfully, TIM Group partner Igor Smirnov, Ph.D.

IOC simulation history

For the first time in Russian corporate education computer simulation is created for modeling Russian oil sector. Before that only paper development plans existed which had been handled manually to calculate five year plan.
Computer simulation IOC was presented to the board of some leading Russian oil company.
Next version of the simulation was developed, innovating new multi branching algorithm. Corporate educational center oversaw the development by current TIM Group owner. Then market and online versions were created. After that the work stopped.
IOC simulating was reborn. TIM Group obtained a patent and entered an educational market. Soon the product got recognition in corporate sector.
New scenarios and various tasks and mechanics. Much effort put into analytical and statistical parts. Version for natural gas companies was developed.
IOC is reborn again. New patent obtained. Lots and lots new features, new software platform allowed IOC to become a leader of corporate education oil sector.
New design and user interface.
New scenario, updated for current market prices, tariffs and situations..
Software platform upgraded again to provide real-time multiplayer experience. New control instruments and updated game scenarios.
New design in flat style. Updated scenario. New functions and analytical instruments. TIM group turned 10 years. That is a lot for a small business in Russia. Statistically less then 5 percent of small businesses in Russia get there. We have a lot: several computer simulation games, our own patented educational programs and methodologies, solid reputation, long-time partnerships with many leading Russian corporations.