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Manage contractors & employers, manufacturers & sales networks
Close deals, upgrade negotiations skills
Upgrade financial competence, boost managerial skills
Seminar can be used for staff assessment

Business game Planet of Negotiations

Computer business game The Planet of Negotiations by the TIM Group is a new product in the field of computer simulations, where the main focus is on the negotiations. The game is a virtual environment that simulates the relationship of customers and contractors, manufacturers and distribution networks in a single market for goods and services.

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Managing your own company
It is possible to control production, marketing, investment policy and finances of your company.
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Practicing Negotiation skills
The ability to apply the acquired negotiating skills in practice and evaluate the results in the form of financial indicators.
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Flexible Changing Scenario
No pre-engineered algorithms - the situation changes as a result of actions of the players. Tough time constraints.
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Modern technologies
The computer model is developed with the use of modern technologies, allowing to conduct a seminar both in the internal mode and over the Internet.

Goals and objectives of business game seminars

Learn to develop a strategy and negotiation tactics to achieve the most beneficial solutions.
Learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of negotiators, understand why negotiations fail, improve your own skills.
Understand the financial criteria for decision-making.
Learn to effectively use communication skills and negotiation arguments.
Learn how to resist manipulation.

The business game The Planet of Negotiations allows one to clearly manifest their own personal characteristics and can be used to assess the personnel according to the author's methodology. Evaluation of personnel from the TEAM Group means a comprehensive analysis of the competencies of participants and the development of an individual development program.

The business game The Planet of Negotiations is part of a modular training system offered by the TIM group. The business game can be held as a separate seminar for the development of managerial skills and financial literacy. Alternatively, VINK can be accompanied by theoretical educational modules of different levels, dedicated to finance and negotiation, along with other Business Games from the TIM group.

Macbook with IOC game
We invite you to play and learn. For you it is not only an opportunity to prove yourself in the role of the head of your company, to expand and generalize your own knowledge about the negotiations, but also make another step on your career ladder.
There are many seminars, trainings and software out there, but the one that you’ll remember is the Planet of Negotiations!
Yours sincerely, TIM Group Partner, Ph.D. I.V. Smirnov