Talks Planet
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Manage contractors & employers, manufacturers & sales networks
Close deals, upgrade negotiations skills
Upgrade financial competence, boost managerial skills
Seminar can be used for staff assessment

Talks Planet simulation

Talks Planet computer simulation by TIM Group is a new product with an accent on negotiations. The game is a virtual environment modeling different aspects of relationship between contractors and employers where they compete for market shares.

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Control your own company
Manage production, sales, marketing and investments. Control finances and competition.
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Train negotiation techniques
You have to hold negotiations influencing financial results of your company.
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Agile game scenario
No predetermined game scenario. Game is multiplayer: together with your competitors you form your own simulated business reality.
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Technological edge
We use most advanced computer technologies to bring you this unique seminar. You can play online or locally.

Tasks and goals

Learn how to develop good strategy and tactics for negotiations to archive best results.
See strong and weak points during negotiations. Learn why negotiations fail. Upgrade your own skills.
Learn to analyze finances for better decision making.
Learn to use communication skills and arguments effectively.
Stand against manipulations.

Talks Planet simulation helps players show their personal skills and can be used for staff assessment using our special proprietary methodology. Staff assessment by TIM Group incorporates comprehensive analysis of competence and skills, producing extensive report and individual recommendations.

Talks Planet simulation is only a part of TIM Group modular learning system. Simulation can be presented as a separate seminar for teaching negotiations and finances. Talks Planet can be linked to other theoretical learning modules teaching in-depth finances and negotiations. Other computer business simulations can also be used.

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We urge you to play and learn. For you it is not only an opportunity to test yourself as CEO of your own company, expand and restructure your knowledge about negotiations, but also it is an important step up the career ladder.
There are so many seminars, training and programs, but Talks Planet simulation you will remember most.
Yours respectfully, TIM Group partner Igor Smirnov, Ph.D.