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Business Game Negotiations
Computer business game The Planet of Negotiations by the TIM Group is a new product in the field of computer simulations, where the main focus is on the negotiations. The game is a virtual environment that simulates the relationship of customers and contractors, manufacturers and distribution networks in a single market for goods and services.
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Managing Your Own Company
The ability to control production, sales, marketing and investment policy, the financial balance of your company.
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Talking Skills
The opportunity to put your negotiation skills into practice and evaluate the result in the form of financial indicators.
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Flexible Changing Scenario
No predefined algorithm. The game situation changes as a result of the actions of the players. Tough time conditions.
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Modern Technologies
The computer model has been developed using modern technologies that allow the seminar to be held both in person and via the Internet.

Goals and objectives of seminars with the Negotiations Business Game

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Learn how to strategize and negotiate negotiating tactics to achieve the most beneficial solution;
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Learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of negotiators, understand why negotiations fail, improve your own skills;
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Understand financial decision criteria;
Learn how to effectively apply communication skills and reasoning in negotiations;
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Learn to resist manipulation.

The Negotiation business game allows a person's personal characteristics to be clearly manifested and can be used to assess personnel according to the author's methodology specially developed for this seminar. Personnel assessment from the TIM Group involves a comprehensive analysis of the participants' competencies and the development of an individual development program.

The Negotiation Business Game is part of the modular training system offered by the TIM Group. The Business Game can be run as a separate workshop to develop negotiation skills and financial literacy. Or it can be played in conjunction with different levels of theoretical training modules on finance and negotiation, as well as in conjunction with other Business games from the TIM Group.